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1 New Beginning A new beginning following a cycle completion, let go of the old and embark upon the new, a time for renewed ideas, action and energy.
2 Consideration Slow down and reflect upon your life and your choices, draw boundaries and put yourself first. Only allow people into your life who make a positive difference.
3 Make Plans This year will prove productive, think about what you are wanting in order to create the life you desire. Don't focus on what you are missing but what you now have and what you need to do.
4 Solidify Foundations Work at putting the details of your plans into action. Always a good time to purchase property, establish a business or embark upon a course of study.
5 Exciting Times Have fun, meet new people, find a hobby or travel. Your social life will expand as you open up to new challenges. Free yourself of past restrictions and seek new horizons.
6 Balance, Health & Harmony Now is the time to restore your mental and physical wellbeing, reconnect with family and friends, it is a good time for relationships or even a new romance. Review your overall health, exercise, diet and mindset.
7 Acquire Knowledge Study or research will start to prove fruitful. Engage in self-analysis to learn more about yourself and your spiritual journey. Gain control, don't let circumstances dictate what you do.
8 Completion of Plans You will feel very motivated, don’t delay, live your life to the fullest! Pursue your dreams, take risks, challenge yourself and grow your potential. Do what you always wanted to do.
9 End of the Cycle Reflect on your achievements and lessons learnt. Don't hold on to the past, let go of what no longer serves you. Tidy up loose ends and prepare for a new cycle. Forgive all including yourself!