The Power of 2

Binary is very important in numerology, it is defined as consisting of two parts and hence relates to the number 2. In our physical world the number 2 is used to define opposing states such as dark/light or male/female etc which makes it a vital part of the universal structure.

Computers also operate using binary, they can only store data and perform calculations using the digits 1 and 0. As shown below the different stages of our lives can be reflected in the different powers of 2 from being a new born up to the age of 1 (20) to being an older adult up to the age of 128 (27).

20 = 1 (new born)
21 = 2 (baby)
22 = 4 (toddler)
23 = 8 (young child)
24 = 16 (older child)
25 = 32 (young adult)
26 = 64 (mature adult)
27 = 128 (older adult - 122 was oldest known person)
Most people have heard of Pythagoras's theorem. It simply states that for any right-angled triangle the length of the longest side squared equals the sum of the other two sides squared.

This shows how the distance between any 2 points in the horizontal plane can be considered as the sum of 2 vectors, this brings us back to numerology and shows how the power of 2 is important in universal laws.

In fact every number can be expressed as a sum of squared numbers such that:

x = a2 + b2 + c2 ...

Updated: 10/12/2023