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My name is John, many years ago I embarked upon a journey of discovery into the meaning of the Tarot. From what I learned I was led into other related realms, one of which being numerology. I have always been fascinated with numbers, in fact I studied mathematics at university during the 1980s. From my studies I discovered how the natural world is governed by mathematical structures and the beauty of geometry and infinite series. In the words of Pythagoras "if the universe can be explained by mathematics then why not our own lives".

Following on from numerous books, articles and courses, I later became a serious practitioner of both the tarot and numerology, performing readings at psychic fairs, parties and events. As with many other aspects of life knowledge and experience is constantly evolving and I have found it immensely useful to gain insight, knowledge and input from other experienced readers. I am an avid reader of books and articles on the subject and also keep a large collection of tarot decks.

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia and can be available for private readings.

Updated: 10/12/2023