Tarot Connection

Like numerology the tarot is a very old system of divination. Many of the meanings attributed to the tarot derive from a combination of numerology, astrology and alchemy. A tarot spread can be read in numerological terms and to get a more precise meaning some readers will take into account the numerological value of the spread.

The tarot is often seen as an interpretation mechanism, for more information visit TarotQuest.net. It will take the values from a numerology reading and convert them into precise statements using a tarot mapping mechanism. This mechanism will always provide a number between 1 and 78 which corresponds to a particular card.
Birth Cards
Everyone has two birth cards, an astrology birth card and a numerology birth card. It is possible both could be the same card, however since only 12 of the major arcana cards correspond to zodiac signs, (the others correspond to astral bodies such as the sun, moon and planets) leaving 10 major arcana which cannot be astrology birth cards. For more information on birth cards click here.

Each tarot card (except court cards) has an associated number. For cards in the minor arcana each has a number starting with the ace (one) up to card ten. In the major arcana, which are regarded by numerologists as "timeless spiritual truths" each has a number starting with the Fool (zero) up to card twenty-one. To work out the overall spread number simply sum all the numbers of each card and then combine the digits until you are left with a single number less or equal to ten. For example, if the total is 75, combine the 7+5 = 12, then combine 1+2 giving the final result as 3. If the spread number equates to your Life Path Number then this shows you are on track, otherwise you need to make changes, this is irrespective of the message given from the reading.

Tarot Numbers
This numerological association can be used to determine where the querent is at in their life, the associations with the base numbers are listed below:

ZeroInfinite PossibilitiesNull, nothing, void, hollowness, empty
OneBeginnings & InspirationOrigin, birth, beginnings, uniqueness, individuality, solitary
TwoDecisions & DualityOpposition, attraction, co-operation, conflict, harmony, balance, partnership, commitment
ThreeCreativity & CollaborationCreativity, growth, abundance, fertility, versatility
FourBalance & SecurityStability, practicality, security, personal and family security
FiveChallengeLoss, conflict, chaos, disruption, change, challenges
SixConsolidationBalance, peace, beauty, family matters, romance, contentment
SevenReality & TrustVictory, challenges, introspection, resourcefulness
EightPlanning & ActionChange, speed, positivity, energy, strength, success, business
NineReflectionEmotional spring-cleaning, introspection, reflection, winding down
TenCompletionFinality, the end of one cycle to begin again, the one and zero combine to one and a new beginning
Reading Value
Each tarot card with the exception of the court cards (page, knight, king & queen) have an associated number. A tarot reading will give a very clear insight as to where the querent is at a particular moment taking into account their very specific circumstances. For this reason incorporating a spread value into the numerology reading provides an insight into external factors at play. Consider it like a celestial body traveling on a determined trajectory through space, this trajectory can be slightly influenced or deflected by other bodies near or in it's path.
How to Calculate a Reading Value
Once a tarot spread has been completed with any additional cards placed on the spread, the value of the spread can then be calculated. This number has no meaning on it's own, ie a higher number does not imply a better reading. To work out the reading value simply sum the numerical value of each card in the spread.

Major arcana, 0 to 21
Minor arcana, 1 to 10
Court cards, 0

This total can then be reduced to a single digit between 1 and 9.

Why Add to a Numerology Reading
All the components of a numerology reading are pre-defined such as date of birth and surname. It would then be possible to perform a reading for the querent for any future date, however our lives are not pre-destined. By incorporating the tarot value we have a way of making sure the reading applies to today and today only.
Updated: 10/12/2023